Consultant Services

Sometimes we all need a little help with our ideas.

Visual Identity Consultancy

Your image is the first point of contact with members of the public.

Having a visual identity gives your audience an image to associate with your brand.

We all respond to graphics, thus the importance of logos, branded merchandise, branded stationary, advertisements and product design;  so to show the world who you are a good visual identity design communicates the true nature of your company.

Our consultancy we will help to make sure that what you show the world truly represent who you are you.

Social Media Consultancy

Customers invest in brands they trust.

Business-Customer relationships are extremely important in today’s marketplace.
To have a strong visual presence is good for your company but creating a relationship with your customer ensures that you are their top choice.

Social media provides a cheap and highly efficient solution to creating business-customer relationships. However social media is a difficult realm to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We work with you to create lasting relationships with your customers


Marketing Consultancy

Getting your customers interested in your products/services is how you drive sales.

Marketing is an essential part of getting your product/service in front of your customers so that they will invest. Marketing tells your customer what your, product or service is and what to expect from it.

With good visual branding and an efficient and effective marketing strategy and persona branding , we can help you develop a marketing plan that will increase sales