Web Services

Web Design and Development

Your website is your agent you only have to pay once.

Whether it be your sale or customer service your website can be the online agent you design to cover as many areas as you want it to. A website is a 24 hour agent for all your perspective and current clients to interact with your brands. This is the agent you design from  the ground up; from look to persona, the last thing you want is to have your agent confusing your clients.

We know the importance of having a website that flows, as your developers you will be able to  create a website that  represent you to the fullest.

Web Maintenance

For all things to continue to work at optimal quality, it has to be maintained.

The world around us is always changing; what worked yesterday  won’t work tomorrow. With this constant change you have to keep your website maintain.

From SEO, SEM, WordPress, Google Analytics, there are so many changes to keep up to date with. As a team of trained web developers, we a abreast on all changes in the web world. We keep your website full up to date and functioning at optimal efficiency.

Email Infrastructure

You are better remembered when your email has your brand in it

A GMail email works great for a side job that you do as a hobby, but when you are a brand that is looking to reach other brands and be recognised as a serious entity, a business email address is necessary.

A business email puts your name in front of the client at all times and as you grow and  the need for new email address for new persons working with you come up, a business email allows you to also show all the persons working under your brand.

We make the process of setting and expanding your business email easy for you. We do the hard part and give you access to add and delete as you need.

Web Techincal Support Services

A running website, is a working website.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and often at the worst times possible. Having a competent team to fix servers when they go down, ensure that the back end of your website is running efficiently is necessary with every website.

With a Cisco certified team, we will ensure that your website is always working at its best and if it should go down, we work immediately and efficiently to ensure that you are up and running with little lost.